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Audio Modifications: 

The Audio Mods were the first to come.  It all started in Feb. of 2000 with the addition of a Rockford Fosgate 250a2 and 3 Rockford Fosgate 10" Punch Subwoofers.  Little did I know at the time that the Punch Series Amp isn;t stable below 4ohms bridged.  So after about 3 months it "fried" out.  I replaced it with a 360a2 which met the same fate.  

I finnally did my home work and figured the whole ohm thing out, sold my trip-10 box and aquired 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch 12".  I replaced the 360a2 with a Power 200a1.  I thank God for the Best Buy return policy!  Saved me from losing all that cash!  

Here is a picu-mentary of the second round install:

The first step I took in the second round was to replace my stock CD player and RCA In-Line converter.  For this I chose the Panasonic CQ-DF600U.  I have based my whole color scheme around this head unit.  I LOVE IT!

Here is a picture of the AMP and SUBS right after I put them in.  The wiring was already there from the previous install so I just had the basic hookup to get it functional.  (It gets more organized)  

Later that weekend I dove into replacing the excuses GM uses for speakers.  I stayed true to Rockford Fosgate with their 4x6's and 6x9's.  I don't have any pictures of the 6x9 install because it started to rain. (Having an "open-air" shop tends to have this problem)  Here are the pics of the 4x6 door installs with the BASS BLOCKERS.




Here is a pic of the amp rack construction and a glimpse of the almost final look of my trunk.  (Since these pics I have done a little more cleaning up with the wires)