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Babe of the Day

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Babes will from now on be updated at approx. 6pm CST


Here is BABE #16!  I appreciate all your feedback.  I think I am gonna switch over to Babe of the Day from now on (atleast on weekdays) and have multiple pics.  So enjoys and try and let me know what you think with your one free hand!  Give me a suggestion for BOTD and why...maybe your babe will be next!

That 70s Show Girls

"I am working on a Time Machine as we speak...1970 here I come!" -- NeoBio

(the Kirsten Dunst is a freebie)

Special Pic for Dave   

Be sure and check back  for the new babe tomorrow!

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Alyssa Milano (4/6/01)

Cameron Diaz (4/5/01)

Danielle Fishel(4/19/01)

Jessica Alba (4/9/01)

Nikki Cox (4/18/01)

Penelope Cruz (4/1/01)

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (4/2/01)

Shannon Elizabeth (4/10/01)

Tiffany Amber Thiessen (4/4/01)


Caprice Bourrett (3/28/01)

Charisma carpenter (3/29/01)

Estella Warren (3/24/01)

Heidi Klum (3/17/01)

Kim Smith (3/29/01)

Rachel Leigh Cook (3/27/01)

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