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Paint The Dash

Let me know what you think SSELTZER@YAHOO.COM


You can look at mine before you take my advice, but these are the steps I took

For the hard plastic parts (I think the soft is a lil more difficult, requires special paint)
1: Take the piece to be painted out and away from the car. 
Then mask off anything not to be painted and use a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water to clean the pieces.
2: I put a couple coats of Testors flat gray model primer (Walmart- model car section)
3: Used about 4-5 coats of Satin finish Rust-Oleum (blue) 2-3 coats of Rust-Oeum metallic (silver)
4: A heavy dose of clear coat protectant, 3 even coats.

Let is dry fully in between coats and steps. Then after you are finished let it dry over
night, for a full day if you can. Then carefully replace the parts. If you are painting
the main dash piece you need to remove the instrument cluster in order to remove/replace 
the piece w/o damaging your work.